The protests that have swept Sri Lanka for months, threatening the existing order, did not emerge out of thin air. They may have been sparked by an immediate economic crisis but they are a part of a struggle against dispossession going back to the 1950s.19-May-2022
In this episode on finance and data privacy, Rohan Jahagirdar discusses regulation of data collected by fintech companies, the recent introduction of the…
In this episode on reproductive health surveillance, we’re joined by Ambika Tandon who is a researcher with the Centre for Internet and Society, New Delhi.
In this episode, we’re joined by Aayush Rathi who is a researcher with the Center for Internet and Society, and has previously written on welfare systems and…
Kicking off the new season of TIF Talkies, Srinivas Kodali talks about digital infrastructures like Aadhaar, the National Population Register, the National…
The Supreme Court has forgotten that its primary duty is to protect the citizen from the excesses of the state and its instrumentalities. The time is ripe for…
A 23-year-old reminisces about her 16-year-old self that was afflicted by a lifelong autoimmune illness, prompting recollections of the questions she asked…
The October 2021 think tank report, ‘India’s Path to Power’ can be seen as a grand strategic document; it offers a comprehensive, ecological approach to…
Without proper regulatory clarity and oversight, the emerging policy on online education threatens to turn the university into a shell institution,…
What can social science researchers discover if they stepped out of rigid frameworks of understanding deprivation and asked ‘subjects’ about their joys and…
A teacher of many decades in schools and colleges reflects on what students get energised by and what teachers could stimulate in their pupils.
From the early 20th century onwards, US Immigrants of South Asian origin—referred to as 'Hindus'—had to confront laws in many states against '…
Godavari Dange developed a model of farming that enabled vulnerable women farmers in drought-struck Marathwada to stay food secure. Her life story captures the…

Thank you for this article. The author is so right. I dream every night for a shower of justice to wake me up. I must devote every minute and second to do what…
Renuka Visvanathan

I read with great interest this article on the theme of top-down approaches to healthcare with a special focus on the indigenous communities of Attapadi in…
Padmini Swaminathan

Articles such as that by Dipa Sinha on malnutrition fail to do is bring out regional patterns of malnutrition and particularly in states that do not face…
Padmini Swaminathan

Amidst all the gloom, this thoughtful and warm review by Rohit Chandra for the amazing The India Forum (subscribe if you've not yet!) was a ray of sunshine to…
MR Sharan
A woman sifts grain on an Indian field. Photo by Ray Witlin / World Bank

To be published soon

On Nationalism by Alok Sheel

India's Poverty Numbers by Himanshu

Sri Lanka: The Way Forward by Ahilan Khadirgamar and Devaka Gunawardena

Intersection between Freedom, Autonomy and Religious practices by John Sebastian and Faiza Rahman

The Regional Blockbuster by SV Srinivas

Innovations of the New Generation 'Gurus' by Surya Prakash Upadhyay


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